One-To-One Coaching

Take part in a coaching session with one of our qualified coaches. You will receive a video of your technique as well as a report on strengths and weaknesses.


Welcome to Vidalyse, the video analysis company aiming to help sportspeople of all ages improve their technique and become better at their sport.

With the aid of the latest in video analysis software, we can identify weaknesses in your technique and compare your style to that of professionals - hopefully, with that bit of guidance, you can learn how to make yourself faster or more effective at your activity of choice.

Vidalyse works in several ways - if you live in the South West London area, you can choose to have a one-to-one session in which we will film all of the exercises that you want us to, and give feedback through our analysis software straight away. There is also an option to simply send videos of your own in, which we can use to evaluate your technique in comparison to 'textbook' styles and make recommendations to you.

Whichever option you choose, we will produce a report of our findings - complete with screenshots for comparison - and provide a summary of improvements or modifications that will help you improve like never before!

Finally, if your coach would rather give you feedback, then we will be happy to film you in action and create a video for your coach to use, or guide him/her through the workings of our software - it can be difficult to find the time or equipment to record yourself, so we'll be happy to do it for you!

Why Choose Vidalyse?

Eliminating Doubt

Though we are in control of many of our actions as we play our sport, there are times when instinct takes over and we don't think about what we're doing. This may a reflex action to volley a fast shot from the opponent in tennis, a kick to overtake opponents in the final quarter of a 400m, or a first-time through ball to your teammate in football. When asked to recall exactly what you did, you may find yourself stratching your head. Capturing these moments on video will allow you to watch them back and find out exactly what happened, so that you can analyse the technique and gain a better understanding of what it is that makes you perform at your best.

Highlighting Weaknesses

Every sportsperson who ever lived has had a weakness, whether it be susceptibility to injury or a comparative lack of strength. Despite this, we tend not to realise or accept that we can improve on our technique or need to get stronger in certain areas. Watching yourself in action will reveal weaknesses that you never realised you had, and may be the catalyst you need to work on making yourself as effective in your sport as you can be.

Comparisons with the professionals

Our video analysis software allows for a direct overlay of two videos, in order to compare technical differences between two people. This means that you can put yourself in the same race as Usain Bolt, see how your technique compares with Cristiano Ronaldo, or find out what the difference is between your racket swing and that of Andy Murray's. Comparing yourself to the elite in your sport is a great way of finding out what makes them the best, and what you can do to help yourself get closer to their level.

A Wealth of Experience

At Vidalyse, we are not only avid sports fans but have played many sports first hand, as well as having researched and qualified as coaches in a range of activities. You can have confidence that our advice will be based upon direct experience and will be as practical as possible. We understand that sportspeople have limitations, so we will give you helpful advice to bring about a gradual improvement, rather than bombard you with a list of things to improve.

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